Monday, October 21, 2013

Wow, it's been a long time since I have posted to this blog. Life has been crazy in so many ways. Death, birth, life and yes unfortunately more death. Life hands us such a mixed bag. I am grateful for God's grace and mercy, for His strength and unconditional love. I am blessed with a husband who continues to love me and stand by me even when I am a complete basket case; wonderful family and loving friends that continue to love me and support me and for my amazing church family, (which includes my youth group kids that just rock! Without them, I doubt I would still be here. This blog is going to change a bit. I intend to maintain it on a regular basis and the content will vary. The focus is still going to be on teen substance abuse issues and all the peripherals associated with it. However,  I have decided there will also be more personal content from me on both living through the experience of my daughter Angela's nine year addiction and the searing pain and grief which has cloaked me since her death. Blessings my friends...get ready for a bumpy ride...

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