Wednesday, July 8, 2009

It's been a while

It's been quite some time since I last posted. I have been busy re-writing my current life state of affairs. I have moved on from my full time job and have taken on BrokenButLoved's ministry full time. There is so much work to be done, so many lives to touch, so much love to give. Each day I rise in prayer thanking the Lord for blessing me with yet another day to try and make a difference. I pray for energy and passion, for the love of Christ to shine through me. Lead me Lord to those things I must do, those young people I must touch.

As more doors begin to open I am filled with a greater sense of urgency because I see so clearly what others turn their eyes away from everyday... broken dreams, broken homes, broken spirits... drugs and alcohol being used to "glue" it all back together in some fashion. The problem is that drugs and alcohol are liars, they hold no truth but death in some form or another... you can not fix a broken life without truth... truth and love.

I had the pleasure of meeting a young man on Monday evening that I have been in contact with only through email. Heads Up Lancaster was having an Urban Art Show in downtown Lancaster so I trotted downtown to meet him and to see what this program is doing in our city. My heart was so full of joy when I saw him and watched him. Even before I spoke with him directly I could see and feel the love of Christ shining within him, radiating far beyond his personal space. Watching him with the young people and his beautiful family - interacting with all of them in such a peaceful way - yet in constant motion. Meeting him personally was just awesome - his vision, what he and his group have put into practice, brought into being is amazing.

The young people dancing and clapping and sending out a beautiful message of true joy to the universe brought a lightness to my heart song for that evening. Joy in motion... bear witness my friends because it not close your eyes or your hearts to the possibility.

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