Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tween Angst

The words of a young teens whose feelings are broken... take them to heart my friends... tweens and teens are feeling this way every day... every where...

The little black mini skirt
never looked quite right on me
sometimes I'd pretend
that was really me

I'd pretend that I was skinny
that I was buff, babely and blonde
that I was the head cheerleader
with the little outfits on

I'd pretend to be beautiful
like I was always number one
like I was a super model
with the glass slippers on

I'd pretend that I was popular
loved by everyone
that no one thought I was nerdy
no matter what I had on

Now I see the real me
and maybe it's not so bad
I didn't need the glass slippers
that I never even had

I didn't need to be
Like Cindy Crawford or Naomi
I don't have to pretend
cause I'm fine just being me
~~A. Faus~~~(copywrite protected)

Our young ones are constantly under the microscope within their own peer groups. Trying to fit in... was stress and pain it causes them. Parents do you best to really hear what your children are saying to you about how they see themselves... because they are using seeing themselves thru the eyes someone else.

God Bless

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  1. I remember reading this a long time ago, she shared alot of her poems with me. Sometimes we wrote some together. Angie was an awsome writer we would read each others poems and point out things in each others work. She had a passion inside of her that just shined through. She was a true friend, to this day I have not found a friend like her. She will always be missed. I love you Angie <3