Monday, January 12, 2009

The little things

After an amazingly beautiful full moon Sunday the Lord has blessed me with a bright clear Monday morning! I sat outside with my coffee my sprouty pups which are far too old to be sprouty and watched the birds fly back and forth. The sunrise being painted before my eyes was filled with bright orange and pink, the rising sun actually stung my eyes. How I treasure these few moments of peace before I start my day in the working world.

It quite a transformation moving from the splendor of my back porch to the frustration of the roadways. Watching the other cars drive by and no one is smiling. Either their ears are plastered to cell phones or their faces seem stone cold, emotionless. How sad, how very sad that all of these people going somewhere and none of them appear to be happy about it. They don't even appear to be happy about being alive or having the ability to drive themselves somewhere, anywhere.

It appears to me that we need to spend a bit more time on counting our blessings. God has given us life. Let us all rejoice in the little things.

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