Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I used to find it amusing (I was even a bit envious) when I would hear people talk about how they had so much control over their lives. They had it all wrapped up in a nice neat package, timely schedules, their kids were going to all the right schools - they had it all figured out. Now I just find it sad, it is no longer amusing to me because I have grown in Christ. I an no longer envious of those who do not understand that God is in control. Certainly we have our limited power of free will within us to control our tempers, our eating, our actions and reactions. But without seeking the help and guidance of the Holy Spirit we often fall short of those seemingly "little" things. But the big stuff we have to listen to God and seek him. Now not everyone would agree with me on that issue.

I have had the experience of watching several lovely, well managed, totally controlled families fall completely apart when life threw them an unexpected curve ball. Suddenly, they were no longer in control. This situation did not fit into their perfect plan. What an eye opener. How heartbreaking to witness the unfolding events... how awesome to be able to witness to those in pain.

God gives those who follow him untold numbers of opportunities to witness to others and share the love of Christ with them. So often we miss those chances or are afraid we might offend or intrude on someones space. Intrude away folks... I am not embarrassed about my belief, my trust, my love of my Saviour... it is our duty to spread the good word.

Remember who you are in Christ... if you are not certain... look within yourself and find out. Ask God to provide you with the answer. Be still... listen... believe!

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