Monday, February 2, 2009

No pain no gain

So yesterday I had my first session at the gym where I am making yet again another attempt to become un-fat! My new trainer is pretty awesome, I really like her. I like her space as well, clean, comfortable... folks seem nice. I'm off and running (not literally) of course but she has this whole program designed specifically for me. As I am unique! She asked me up front if I just wanted to do the short set of the routine or the full set since it was my first day and all. Well, initially I said let's start slow... but some unseen force of temporary insanity took over as I began to get going and I was like "let's do this thing"! I felt energized, pumped.... sweaty.... moving my big old fat body around and I was happy I could still do it to be honest. I'm a whole lotta woman my friends and the pure joy of movement spurred me onward.

Well - today is a whole different story. While I am still glad that I went all out... I feel like I've been rolled over by a tractor trailer. Things ache that I forgot even existed. But amazingly enough I plan to go after work today and just walk the tread mill for a bit to loosen up. Then Tuesday morning bright and early I will be at it again. Pain or not...I have so much to do in my life. God wants me to take care of me. How can I fulfill his destiny for me if I do not or can not control my eating and maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle? God is my strong tower and my body should be a temple for him.

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