Thursday, January 7, 2010

Safe & Warm

Are you safe and warm today? Here in Pennsylvania it has been bitterly cold and my mind turns to thoughts of my daughter's days living on the streets. One of her longest runs was from December to February living in her car, abandoned houses and sadly enough even dog houses just to try and get out of the elements. It was heartbreaking at the time for me wondering if she were alive, did she eat, when was the last time she showered. Addiction is so all consuming that the simple needs we all take for granted are forgotten and the only thing that matters is getting high and staying high.

As I type this my heart is heavy and my eyes fill with tears as I remember my pain and her pain. Even though she is no longer with me I remember every plea, every promise, every tear, every pain... and I know today... tonight and tomorrow there will be others just like her, chained to drug addiction, writhing in pain both physical and emotional... longing to be high... longing to be warm... longing to be home.

Be Blessed Dear Hearts... Jesus love you!

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