Friday, September 25, 2009


Every day I rise and read the morning news headlines and my heart cries out "what is happening to our country, to our world, to our youth?" This morning I see mug shots of three young men who robbed a young couple and they are smiling. Smiling I tell you, like they are so proud of themselves. How can anyone be so blind that they do not see the line between right and wrong? I suppose they just choose to ignore it. Why? Where did it all go wrong? When did they decide that it was okay to take what did not belong to them? Who taught them this theory, or perhaps there just wasn't any one around to teach them differently.

What is to become of this country if we do not embrace our youth NOW! Surround them with love and guidance NOW! Teach them values not just by words but by how we live our lives. Talk the talk with them and then walk the walk with them. Our Lord walks with us every moment of our lives. Do these young people even know there is another way???


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