Saturday, February 6, 2010

Life Well Spent

How do we define a life well spent? As I meet with teens on a regular basis and talk about their drug and alcohol use it occurs to me that their understanding of how what they do today effects their future is either non-existent or irrelavent. I try so hard to help them comprehend the ripple effect of their youthful drug use and how very often is carries over into adulthood. This generation know nothing of moderation - everything is extreme. It's an all or nothing generation and they take it quite literally.

Teens need to see the results of a life well spent in those who come in contact with them on a daily basis. Family, teachers...adults who set an example of excellence not perfection... excellence. Mistakes are a part of life they are expected. It is how the adults in their life help them process those mistakes and learn to make better choices that leads them to strive for excellence in themselves.

Teach them to forgive... others and themselves... by setting the right example.


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