Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Supporting a Good Cause

Sending out love to all those who have been supporting this ministry from the onset. Losing my daughter to heroin was the most devastating event in my life. I can't explain to you how it shattered our family. We were so thankful for God's grace and the love and support of family and friends as we tried to adjust to the "new normal" that had thrust upon us. What do you say to a family that has lost their daughter in such a needless fashion? Angela didn't have to die and yet she did. How do you reconcile such a painful scenario? You can't, you just need to trust God's plan and God's will and know that His healing for her, was perfect healing. You trust, you learn, and for me - move forward and try to make a positive difference for struggling youths... this is God's purpose for my life.

Folks, there is hope on the other end of drug addiction. Healing is possible; help is available. BrokenButLoved was born in order to bring hope to today's youth and their families where drug/alcohol use/addiction have come to roost. Hope for drug free futures, hope for healing!

BBL is grateful for your continued support. This ministry plans to grow and continue its outreach... reaching as many youths as possible. Youth events are currently in the planning stages throughout the summer - stay tuned as we grow.

Even one more drug related death is one too many!!!


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