Friday, April 30, 2010


This week I tried to impress upon a small group of young drug users how quickly life can end. The dynamics of this group was extremely diversified. Every single on of them said they were using drugs for fun. No one would admit they used for any other reason... okay perhaps that's true but the vibe in the room said otherwise. See I watch their eyes, their body language... I listen to the tone of their voices and their reaction to my discussion points. Teens often where their hearts on their sleeves and in this case they were all wearing clues. My heart aches for them and how I wish I could speak with each of them individually... perhaps BBL will raise enough money to be able to afford private office space some day and I will be able to really touch them... deeper... making more of an impact.

So there are pushing the envelope of drug use for fun. Fun? Okay I get that on some level because drugs feel good. I was young once... but these young ones have so many things to keep them entertained. Hmmm perhaps that why they use drugs to have fun. Maybe they have too many "things" and not enough opportunity to be truly young... using their imagination... their brain power in order to create amusement. Perhaps they are spending too much time in front of the TV or video games cooped up inside without the fresh air and sunshine.

Think of it... we as adults long to be out of the office and into the fresh air. Long weeks taking care of our adult business leave us hungry for sunshine to the point where driving home with the windows down is actually a treat for us. Maybe the youth of today need to feel the wind caressing their faces... they just don't know it. So for them sneaking out with their buds behind the garage in the back yard and getting high is their escape from the plugged in world they live in. My guess is they just don't understand that point. When was the last time you sent your kids out to rake or mow the yard? When was the last time their friends came over to shoot hoops in the driveway or hang out on the back porch with iced tea and snacks listening to music?

Life can be over with the snap of your fingers. Drug related deaths occur more often than you can imagine. Snap you fingers folks... right now... snap them... your child's life could be over just that quickly. Snap... snap... snap. I am not talking rice crispy type cereal here... I am talking about the very last breath of a young one. Just that quickly.

Pray for our children... they are all children of God!


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