Saturday, September 5, 2009

September 1, 2007

September 1, 2007 my daughter Angela left this earth due to an accidental overdose of heroin. I couldn't bring myself to write about that day because the pain is still very close to the surface. I loved her so much, as did her family. In an instant she was gone. So much pain, so much suffering she endured in her short 22 years... she was so tired... so very very tired. She prayed a great deal the week before her death. Perhaps, the Lord heard her pain and knew that the only way for her to be healed was by bringing her home to rest with Him. Praise God that his Son's blood covered her. I know at the moment of her death He was with her, gently wrapping His loving arms around her and carrying to a place of peace. His perfect peace.

Does that bring us all here comfort? Yes, in a very real way it does. The blessed assurance our Lord Jesus gives us when we rest in Him allows His grace to fall upon us all in our time of suffering. My human condition still allows me to feel the great pain and lose of losing my dear precious child. My friend, my confidant... Ohhhh how I miss her so... how I long to hold her and see her smile. For now I know she is at peace.

God's calling to me, to bring BrokenButLoved to life keeps me moving forward. I know that I must for God's glory reach out to those young people, just like Angie who need love, guidance and the peace of knowing Jesus. So just like an athlete I play through the pain because it is my God given assignment.

Lift me up in prayers dear friends... I am certainly appreciative of all the prayers I can get.


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